iNEQ group (Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.) headquarter lies in Wilmington, USA.  iNEQ business mainly includes two parts, as manufacturer and as global trader.

iNEQ-spec, a member of iNEQ group, processes five main departments of Consumables, Life Science, Environmental Technology, Food Safety and Industrial Automation.

These different departments are from different companies before 2013, such as iNEQ-spec, Adli, YITE and so on. After several years’ acquisition, we become one family now as a member of iNEQ group.

“Love Family, Love People, Love The World.
iNEQ Technologies Achieve Your Love.”
The reflection of our value is to use our technologies to ensure the health of people, the health of environment to make the world better.

iNEQ-global, a member of iNEQ group, processes one service center for global customers and different purchase/sales companies/departments in different countries to form a complete sales network to support our global trade.

We can accept different currencies, such as USD, EUR, CNY and so on. The customer can tell us the products they want: Brand, Type, Quantity, we can purchase them from the official and the cheapest channel in one country after contrasting different channels.

Instrument & Equipment Specialties Inc.  (iNEQ)
Suite 804, 1220 N. Market Street,
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Tel.: +1-302-746-2208
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